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It’s Time to Read Working Virtually if You Haven’t Already

It’s official – Working Virtually: Transforming the Mobile Workplace is a Best-Of Book! One of Technical Communication‘s Best Books reviewed. If you’ve already read Working Virtually, I’d sure love it if you’d post a review on Amazon! Thank you!!! Book Review: Working Virtually: Transforming the Mobile Workforce. Volume 65, Number 2, May 2018 l Technical …

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Want Higher Results When Working Remotely?

Wanting to know about the impact of remote work and the strategic role of HR in expanding virtual work into the operation and culture of organizations? Click through to hear my tip-filled interview as a guest on i2i Workforce‘s podcast blog, Higher Results. Hoefling speaks to Remote Work & HR on Higher Results podcast May …

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Engaging Online Learners: 5 Lessons From an Early Adopter

Online teaching and facilitation is more than knowing the technology tools – and much simpler. Here’s a link to an article I wrote for It’s for all educators and L&D professionals who help people learn online. Source: Engaging Online Learners: 5 Lessons From an Early Adopter – Training Industry Are you going to World …

Who Are the Top Mobile Workplace Thought Leaders and Influencers?

Do you know what today’s dream job is? One that is set up for flexible and mobile work. I’m proud to be a virtual company expert who contributed to this article. It launches a new program on called @Work. Trina Hoefling is #7 in the current list of top remote work influencers. I have …

Are You a Bad Manager?

A much belated Happy 2018 to everyone! I’ve been on an unplanned and unintentional hiatus from blogging. Unexpected client work, scheduled vacations, holidays, and life has distracted me. I’ll be back soon, though! In the meantime, I run across excellent blog posts and short articles every day. Here’s a repost that has 12 excellent and …

What Employees are Grateful for This Thanksgiving

More organizations are looking at their employee’s workplace experience and asking how they can do better. The ability to attract the best and the brightest is becoming even more challenging as the economy grows and the labor market shrinks. Now is the time for companies to look beyond the traditional benefits strategy and ask what …

Don’t Be Like Most People Who Don’t Leverage Collaborative Tools

Lesson # 5 Make Collaborative Tools Available  

Lesson #3 from Early Adopters about the Future of Work – The Network is the New Workplace

The future of work is a reversal of a 350-year trend. Work and home are coming back together, like the farm. Only it’s better because we can work anywhere. People don’t have to go to a place to be connected. Today’s organizations are literally built around the interconnectivity of human and virtual networks, not a …

2nd Lesson Learned by Early Adopters of Virtual Teams – People Bring Their Habits With Them

Click here to read how simple it is to work WITH habits when so often we fight against them.

Virtual Managers are Powerful – For Better and Worse

Lesson 1 of 5 from Flexwork and Telework Early Adopters