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Change is great! YOU go first!

This week’s blog post is over at, our permanent home. Here’s the link! Change is GREAT! You Go First.

What Am I Wearing? Success can Include Flip Flops

What Am I Wearing? Success can include flip flops.

Email is a Productivity Killer. Are You Killing 20% of Your Day?

Here’s the link to this week’s SMART Workplace post. I will continue to post links here, but am now using The SMART Workplace blog as the home site.

Reflections on Working SMART

Reflections on Working SMART

Ready to Monkey Around Making A SMART Workplace?

It’s the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Monkey. This seems the perfect time to launch The Smart Workplace blog because, according to the ancient Chinese zodiac, 2016 is destined to be a year infused with exuberance, unconventional problem-solving, and increased communication. This blog is all about that! I’m exuberant about the 2nd edition …

Working Collaboratively and Managing Professional Effectiveness Across Organizations, Teams, Time, and Space

I am launching the Working Collaboratively blog because: 1. Key to 21st century personal, professional, and community effectiveness is the ability to work, live, learn, play (and often think) together better, often across organization and virtual boundaries. Face-to-face and virtual connection, cooperation and collaboration guidelines will be explored in the blog. 2. People, Management and …