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Trina will work with you to develop a custom talk that speaks to your unique audience. Some topics she is well versed in and passionate about are:

Remote Leadership

Possible titles include:

From Silos to Networks: Developing Leaders in a Geographically Disbursed Organization

3 Leadership Practices for a High-Performing Virtual Team

Leadership Lessons Learned from Virtual Workplace Early Adopters

Virtual Teams

Possible titles include:

Virtual Employee Engagement – Little Changes that get Big Results

Expanding Emotional Bandwidth:
The Challenge of Trust and Collaboration in Virtual Teams

5 Proactive Ways to Clear Confusion and Avoid Conflict in the Virtual Workplace

Mobile Workplace

Possible titles include:

The Digital Revolution – The End of the World As We Know It

Virtual Is Viable: Adapting Organizational Culture and Structure to Support Mobile Work

Digital Bias – When Out Of Sight Really Does Mean Out of Mind


Here’s what people are saying about Trina

“Trina Hoefling is the rare outstanding keynote speaker who has the ability to deliver a message while also engaging with the audience. She is the “sage on the stage” sharing best practices and practical bits, but it’s the way she gets the audience involved and welcomes questions and comments, often becoming a needed facilitated conversation. Trina’s passionate about her mission – connecting people across boundaries, especially when bridging the digital divide, and it shows.”

Brad Beach, President Professional Educator College, Chisholm Institute

“Trina Hoefling is an inspiring and charismatic presenter with a message that is absolutely vital for our times. She is a generous expert, sharing information in a way that is relevant and practical. She actively interacts with the audience, weaving all her points into a style that feels organic and conversational. Even in a room filled with highly experienced professionals, her insights and experience bring new wisdom and high value to the conversation.”

Mike Gutman, Director of Marketing at FlexJobs

“Trina was a pleasure to work with as a speaker for our international Remote Work Summit 2018 in Guatemala. Trina contacted us prior to the event to be sure she understood the audience and could deliver the best and most relevant content possible. Her talk was informative and fresh. She engaged the audience and facilitated great small break out sessions. We truly hope we have the chance to work with Trina again. She is a thought leader in the remote work and remote leadership space!”

Rachel McGehee, Co-Founder and Director of Travel at Rebel + Connect

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