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Trina works strategically behind the scenes with executives and virtual team leaders across industries who seek to lead more effective mobile and hybrid workforces.Together Trina and her clients collaborate to uncover the perfect blend of coaching, facilitation, and training. Enlist Trina to directly support your people or be your guide on the side. Ensure your teams will set the standard for a “competitive edge” in a professional landscape that is increasingly virtual.

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Here’s what Trina’s clients have to say:

Our company engaged Trina to help us implement effective organizational change and facilitate leadership development as we went from being a small startup to one of the top 10 fastest-growing UK software firms. She provided solution-oriented recommendations that were both strategic and practical to implement. She provides honest feedback and keen insights — helping people grow to reach their leadership potential. I’m really glad I had the chance to work with Trina and I highly recommend her services.”

Julie Knapp
Marketing Director

We have never worked with anyone as well as Trina – ever. She is superbly well-schooled and amazingly articulate in the knowledge of her profession. She  shares her knowledge with a wonderfully kind, expansive and sensitive heart.  She is also tough-minded and practical, providing many crystal-clear insights for us, and often at deep levels. At the end of the day I sensed more optimism and understanding in our group than I have felt in a very long time – maybe ever. Trina did wonderfully well.

  Wayne Summons
Partner and EVP, Research and Development

Trina is a trailblazer in thought leadership and change management. Her ability to teach In and out of the classroom is outstanding. She possesses a motivating force that enlists people to join her train of thought and feel secure in trying new ideas without the fear of “failure.” She is a joy to work with and a tour-de-force in the change management world. I learn from her every time I speak with her – she is that good.

Elizabeth Ventura
Investor Relations, Marketing and Communications Executive and Consultant

I engaged Trina to help me improve some of my business processes combined with supporting me personally in my corporate work. She gave me the opportunity to develop ideas and think about strategy. One gets the feeling that she is scale insensitive when it comes to her facility to engage and contribute to a business. But don’t mistake the ease of engagement – her impact will not be scale insensitive – the bigger your operation the greater the value you will get from working with Trina.

John Favier
B2B Technology Business Consultant

Working with Trina on projects is always an amazing learning experience… and a lot of fun! She is a gifted facilitator and consultant in the areas of leadership, team development, and virtual collaboration. We have worked together on projects in several different industries and she has always over delivered on her promises. One of the few experts in virtual team work. She saw the need for virtual teams at least 10 years before it became a trend.

Monique Reece
Business Growth Catalyst, Marketing Strategist

Trina has been and continues to be an inspirational resource for me – both personally and professionally. Her insight, organizational skills and her honest and direct approach allow me to focus and hone in on not only the ways to accomplish tasks but also allow them to become sustainable and flowing. She is highly effective in several capacities and it has been my experience that any individual or group would be extremely well served by utilizing her wealth of knowledge, experience, talent and skills.

Dana Beardshear

Is Trina Right for You?

Trina works with two distinct types of clients…


Being an entrepreneur has become more mainstream in recent years.
The lifestyle is often idolized and glamorized, but the truth remains…

… being an entrepreneur is hard work. It can also be lonely.

Many entrepreneurs live a double life, putting their best foot foward and suffering in silence.

Trina founded GroupOne Solutions to ensure that every entrepreneur – who wants one – has a mentor or advisor in their corner.


Organizational strategic consulting and redesign is nothing new, but Work-From-Home and hybrid organizations have changed the game.

Today’s leaders face the challenge of guiding, managing and developing the organizational culture across time, space, and radically different cultural landscapes.

Trina co-founded
The SMARTWorkplace to ensure that every organization can step into the digital future with grace and confidence.

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