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As Trina wrote when she first published her book in 2000, “virtual work was often a ‘novel idea’ used occasionally to retain exceptional employees.” These days, having flexibility is one of the key drivers – and expectations – that attracts and retains talent.
The second value we have at Culture Amp, that I felt was so nicely articulated by Trina when she talks about the value of trust – “Trust others to make decisions”. This is especially hard when a team or person is remote, but the benefit to individuals and companies is huge.
Some key takeaways for me were:
· “Technically enabled people can work virtually and still have a seamless connection to the team. In 2015, telecommuting was named the top desired employee benefit. No organization wants to lose its best people because of a long commute, a spousal relocation or childcare conflicts. Organizations experience 20 percent reduction in turnover when virtual work is an option.”
· “Bring people together digitally and face to face, synchronously (live) and asynchronously (when they work best). Organizations add value when talent is supported and well deployed.”
· “The real purpose of virtual work is not to allow distance but to create synergy without limitations of time or space.”
Anyone who wants to build stronger relationships across time, space and teams will find value in reading this book.
Didier Elzinga, CEO and co-founder of Culture Amp

In Working Virtually, Trina explains today’s workplace, outlines conditions for powerful collaboration, presents best practices for motivating team members, and offers strategies for identifying and defusing problems. It is the fruit of Trina’s three decades of experience planning and implementing remote work environments.

The 2nd edition presents two leadership models that, quite simply, work – whether your teams are co-located, blended, or virtual.

Trina wrote Working Virtually for…

Executives preparing for virtual work or seeking to improve current performance. Assess readiness and get advice on policies and strategies to adapt performance management processes to be more team-driven and technology leveraged.
Team leaders who want a high-performing virtual team culture. Know the roles and responsibilities of managing virtually and creating conditions for collaboration, engagement, and results.
Professionals who work remotely or with remote colleagues seeking a sustained and satisfying career.

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See what readers have to say:

“It turns out that there is a natural marriage between virtual work and Agile management principles. Books like Working Virtually (Stylus, 2017) read like textbooks on Agile management. The whole paraphernalia of Agile practices is there.
My hypothesis is that working virtually will become a permanent option for most firms going forward.”

Steve Denning, Forbes

“Virtual is now both the vehicle and the platform for most work. Are you ready? Trina Hoefling masterfully maps the three most powerful paths you’ll travel to succeed virtually. She is the perfect guide, simplifier, and coach for every virtual team and overworked manager! Get Working Virtually now ― to get working virtually, and to unleash all that is within you and your teams!”

Bill Jensen, Author
Future Strong and Disrupt!

“Working Virtually does an outstanding job of reminding us that the things that make for meaningful work in face-to-face environments apply more so when working at a distance. Generosity, trust, and collective meaning making are at the core of very practical approaches to working across distances – geographic or otherwise”.

Jerrold McGrath, Program Lead, Goethe-Institute Toronto

“A gem of a book! Despite rapid advancements in collaboration technology and dramatic increases in the ‘work from home’ movement, many leaders are left to figure out on their own what it takes to drive high performing teams in this new environment. Trina Hoefling reminds us that the quality of human interaction ultimately makes, or breaks, a team and expertly lays out the tools and techniques for success.”

John Short, Global HR Business Partner MilliporeSigma

“Successful virtual teamwork does not just happen. Even though members know how to use communication technologies, and have integrated mobile devices into their everyday lives, more is needed. Leadership, shared purpose, clear expectations, and trust are all essential– but challenging to carry out. The understandings gained from this book will save time, money, and heartache!”

Janet Salmons

“Today’s work takes many forms. In Working Virtually, Tina offers ideas with impact on how to think and act as a virtual employee. The ideas are fresh and practical. The impact will help individuals, teams, and organizations work better across time and space.”

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

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