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The Inevitable Clarification of Written Communication

You know the phrase, “The best laid plans….”? No matter how slowly and carefully we communicate in the flat medium of the written word, misunderstanding and confusion is inevitable. Rather than being frustrated, angry, responding, EXPECT it. For example, as an instructor, I follow instructional design principles and I do my best to communicate clearly.  …

Employee Engagement Part 2 – What Kind of Manager Are You? 6 Practices

As we promised in our last blog, in Part 2 we will discuss 6 tools to increase manager engagement with their teams. Source: relational

Trust is the Operating System

Trust is a crucial factor for team cohesiveness. Without trust, people won’t voice their opinions, questions & ideas. Learn about your own trust behaviors, check out our new, free trust assessment at the SMART Workplace. Read the full How To Packed post! Source: Trust is the Operating System

A Proven Recipe to Succeed Professionally in a Virtual Work World

One Proven Recipe for Making Virtual Work Dreams Come True

The Power of True Collaboration – SMART Workplace Reflections

When shared power of intention, high trust and 3 competent colleagues come together… this is what can happen. Charlie Grantham helps you peek behind our team curtain to see how a new, busy virtual team really works – our co-founder team at The Smart Workplace. Read his observations in the full post.

News Flash… Oprah Needs People. So Do You.

Oprah Winfrey has long believed in community; now she’s leading a global community. She always knew that being connected makes life easier, placing high value and trust in her friends like Gayle King. They and others built Oprah’s business empire together. Now Oprah’s sharing a secret she’s found recently that helps her to more easily …

Anything that can be connected, Will be connected (Part 2 of 2)

Email is a Productivity Killer. Are You Killing 20% of Your Day?

Here’s the link to this week’s SMART Workplace post. I will continue to post links here, but am now using The SMART Workplace blog as the home site.

Reflections on Working SMART

Reflections on Working SMART

Ready to Monkey Around Making A SMART Workplace?

It’s the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Monkey. This seems the perfect time to launch The Smart Workplace blog because, according to the ancient Chinese zodiac, 2016 is destined to be a year infused with exuberance, unconventional problem-solving, and increased communication. This blog is all about that! I’m exuberant about the 2nd edition …