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Engaged Employees on Virtual Teams – Doable?

An engaged, collaborative mobile workforce is critical to delivering great results. But It IS challenging to motivate teams across a virtual distance. Learn how to be more a more effective virtual manager. Source: Engaged Employees on Virtual Teams – Doable?

Growing Pains of a SMART Organization

If the solution doesn’t fit you & the way you work, you won’t use it. Helping others grow digitally & collaboratively is key for today’s fast growth organizations. Source: Growing Pains of a SMART Organization

Innovation: What, Why, When and How?

by Dr. Charlie Grantham, co-founder, The Smart Workplace We believe that The SMART Workplace embeds innovation right into its culture because that builds engagement between employee and company and includes an intentional wide variety of people. All of this results in improved performance. OK, but just what is this thing called innovation? People throw the …

New Research from 300 BC: Management is a Social Process

Last week I wrote about Glassdoor and the ongoing comments from employees regarding how their experience depended on the manager. This is not new information, along with employee comments this is a subject that goes back thousands of years. Mencius (372 – 289 BC) of Management, often referred to as China’s Second Sage, Mencius maintained …

It Depends On The Manager

What do most people say matters most? The Manager. Read more….

Rosie’s Story – How I Transformed My Career Using Social Media

Last week Charlie talked about Making Your NetWork. I’m a hard core advocate, teacher and practitioner of digital and local networking. My commitment to my network goes deep and long. When Charlie and I were talking about how much more critical our professional networks are today than they were 20 years ago. (He and I …

The Human Network

We’re not just talking about the computer network anymore.

Is Your Company Broken?

This week’s blog post!