Month: August 2016

Whose Responsibility Is It To Be Professionally Current?

Human resources jobs, news & events Are employers on the hook for their employees’ skills development? Or should individuals take control of their own destiny? It’s in both employers’ and employees’ interests to develop the skills to be productive and perform well. But what’s the best model for acquiring skills when the requirements of the …

Keep Calm and Work SMART

Five Commitments of a SMART Career Professional. Working SMART is on the leading edge of a bigger trend where we are responsible for managing ourselves, our careers and the transitions that come when moving from one role to the next throughout our careers. Source: Keep Calm and Work SMART

How The “Silo Effect” Is Hurting Cross Team Collaboration – Trello Blog

A great blog post on cross team virtual collaboration and a good explanation of some of Trello’s benefits. Lauren Marchese’s post echoes our volues and practices at The SMART Workplace. Trello can function a virtual team home office / platform, online asynchronous facilitated course engagement forum and much more. Check it out. Source: How The “Silo …

Dave Ulrich on the Future of Human Resources

This week I’m sharing an older Forbes article that quickly hits on all 3 critical success factors for an engaged workforce that achieves org strategy. I’m sharing with my students in my upcoming class, Developing Human Capital, and thought I’d share here as well. Dave Ulrich Today, I spoke to Dave Ulrich, who is a …

Who You Gonna Call for Career Help?

Companies whose culture is not flexible enough to create alignment of personal purpose with that of the people they work with will perish. Source: Who You Gonna Call for Career Help?