The SMART Workplace – What’s this Blog about?

What is The SMART Workplace (TSW)? It’s a description of an integrated, flexible, engaged organization. The SMART Workplace – 

  • is an organization that is driven by its mission and vision
  • builds flexible, mobile and dynamic teams – and supports and rewards their collaboration
  • develops leaders and connectors, not task managers
  • is agile and knows when to adopt new ways of working
  • understands technology and builds systems for collaborative communication around a network of teams.

What’s the SMART Workplace Blog about?

TSW blog is for you if you work with people, virtually and face-to-face. Regardless of role, you need to be effective in today’s fast-paced, global and mobile workplace.

You may be a team member, consultant, contract employee, virtual manager, or organization leader.

Subscribe if you want to talk about changes that impact work practices, collaborative cultures, office design, trust and commitment on virtual teams, collaborative technology… all that goes into a SMART Workplace.

I look forward to sharing freely and discussing what matters to you, your work world and professional communitie. I welcome your comments, questions, links and resources, and hopefully, hearty conversations about managing work and career in a networked, virtual world. In other words, I want this blog to become a resource for personal and organization effectiveness.

We’ll discuss the impact of today’s dynamic, increasingly virtual and collaborative work environment. As virtual and remote work has evolved, both organizations and people have not always found the time to master effective virtual workplace practices that would easily increase their productivity. Research shows that the more employees understand about navigating the virtual and mobile workplace, the more they are able to see and add to their value contribution.