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Working Virtually: Transforming the Mobile Workplace, 2nd Ed. Is On Bookstore Shelves Today – Digital and Print! 

Working Virtually is a permanent part of the workplace today. Transactional work – provided by freelancers, contract employees or consultants – has increased exponentially. It is forecast that as much as half the labor force will be working independently and virtually by 2020.

Trina first sees her book in print.

Most organizations and leaders are still grappling with how to effectively manage their virtual staff and how to effectively support and motivate them. This is an increasingly urgent task as more Millennials join the workforce with changed attitudes toward work satisfaction and organization commitment. Working Virtually is the fruit of the author’s three decades of experience planning and implementing remote work initiatives and training virtual team leaders. It’s the perfect primer for executives, support functions, team leaders and virtual professionals. It provides expert guidance for anyone planning a shift to mobile work. Whether you manage teams of teleworkers or are yourself a virtual team member, you are a leader with shared responsibility for virtual teams that produce successful outcomes.

Check out more at or head straight to the publisher, Amazon, or your favorite bookstore and pick up your copy today. (Stylus Publishing is offering a new book discount. Get 20% off right now! Use code WVT20 at checkout.)

Pragmatic Wisdom from a Seasoned Virtual Leader

Guest Contributor and long-time colleague, Amy Connell, has worked in a highly visible marketing capacity for three Fortune 500 companies. Read her story and suggestions here.

Also, my first on-demand course is available through this blog post. The Powerful Role of the Virtual Leader is an introductory course to the virtual management model I teach in Working Virtually: Transforming the Mobile Workplace.

Source: Pragmatic Wisdom from a Seasoned Virtual Leader

Celebrating the Great American Workforce!

In recognition of Labor Day, the SMART Workplace team is taking a step back from our traditional message to celebrate how far the workforce has come since the very first Labor day on September 5, 1882. On that day, 10,000 workers took unpaid time to march from City Hall to Union Square in New York […]

Source: Celebrating the Great American Workforce!

Whose Responsibility Is It To Be Professionally Current?

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Are employers on the hook for their employees’ skills development? Or should individuals take control of their own destiny? It’s in both employers’ and employees’ interests to develop the skills to be productive and perform IMG_0755well. But what’s the best model for acquiring skills when the requirements of the workplace are changing fast?